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'It's a period in my life very worth remembering': Ex-Mediacorp actor Chunyu Shanshan on working in Singapore

'It's a period in my life very worth remembering': Ex-Mediacorp actor Chunyu Shanshan on working in Singapore
Chunyu Shanshan's still got Singapore in his heart.
PHOTO: Weibo/Chunyu Shanshan, Screengrab/YouTube/Elvin Tian

It's been more than two decades since he's performed in Singapore, but Chunyu Shanshan still fondly remembers his time here.

In the finale of Mediacorp's talk show The Reunion, Shanshan spoke with fellow cast members of The Price of Peace (1997) and shared what he could recall of filming in Singapore.

"Truth be told, too much time has passed," the 55-year-old Chinese actor said via a video call. "I remember I played a Japanese character, Miura, right?… And I remember acting alongside Ivy Lee!"

The Reunion is a talk show that brings together the cast of old local dramas to talk about the experiences they had back then.

This episode's focus was The Price of Peace, and Christopher Lee, Hong Huifang, Rayson Tan, Lina Ng, and Jean Goh were also present to share their stories with host Lee Teng.

When asked by Lee Teng, 38, about things that left the greatest impression on him, Shanshan shared: "I remember we went to a kampong in Ipoh and had some street food or something similar — maybe I shouldn't be saying this, it makes it seem as though I remember eating more than I did filming."


But aside from jokes, Shanshan also had a heartfelt message to share.

"To be honest, every time I have a chance like this, I want to thank the Singaporean audience.

"I left over 20 years ago but people still remember me, such that a show like this would still invite me, truly, I'm so touched.

"What's more, the time I spent in Singapore and the time I spent filming was a period in my life very worth remembering. The memories I made there were very significant to my life."

Shanshan found his roots in Singapore when he signed a contract with Mediacorp in 1992.

He then went on to shoot dramas alongside local TV stars such as Chew Chor Meng in The Brave Ones (1993) and Yao Wenlong and Lina Ng in Royal Battle of Wit (1996).

Since returning to China around 2001 and entering the showbiz industry there, he's starred in shows like Cai Shen You Dao (2011), The Detective Bao Zheng (2015) and Love in Between (2020).

Today, he's based in China and appears to specialise in period and action shows.


The Reunion is available on meWATCH.

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