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Pet psychic claims Romeo Tan's dog contains the soul of his grandmother

Pet psychic claims Romeo Tan's dog contains the soul of his grandmother
Romeo Tan with his dog Tigger.
PHOTO: Facebook/Romeo Tan

Is your dog really close to your mother?

Chances are, it could contain the soul of your maternal grandmother — at least according to pet psychic Pearlyn Siew.

On the latest episode of the web series Celebrity Pet Talk, actor Romeo Tan showed off his 10-year-old Mini Schnauzer Tigger, and asked Siew if there was anything the dog wanted to say to him.

Siew responded that it was "so funny", as if Tigger picked Romeo as her owner instead of the other way around.

"I don't know if there's any relationship between her and your maternal grandmother," she continued. "I'm just getting that it may be the soul of your maternal grandmother that wanted to stay and be around for your mum."

Romeo, 36, wondered if he should ask his mum about her experience "staying around Tigger" if that was the case.

"They have a very close relationship," Siew said, adding that even though Tigger is chummy with Romeo, she feels closer to his mum.


Another reason for Tigger's closeness with Romeo's mum may come from the fact that she took care of him when Romeo first bought her.

"She's my first dog, and I got her a day before Star Awards, when we were having our rehearsals," Romeo explained. "I got her from a pet shop and brought her home without telling my mum."


He added that "of course" his mum didn't look happy about the sudden addition of a family pet, but Romeo put Tigger in a box "at the main doorstep" and told his mum to take care of her before running off for his rehearsals.

"That's how I escaped from her nagging," he said. "After that, my mum started getting used to her and started falling in love with dogs."

During his chat with Siew, Tigger sat in front of Romeo and stared at him.

"I just love the way she looks at me, her eyes are full of love," Romeo said. "She can look at me the whole day."

He added that he also loved how, when he read his scripts or did his homework, Tigger would just sit by his feet.

"You like [physical contact]?" he asked Tigger, who responded by giving him a lick on the face.


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