Photographer so engrossed in shooting Karen Mok, he falls into the sea

PHOTO: Weibo

One moment, Karen Mok was strutting along a harbour in Mauritius as her dress billowed in the breeze.

Next, she was gasping in surprise -- her photographer had fallen into the sea.

The 49-year-old singer recently took time off her Ultimate concert world tour and jetted off to Mauritius for a photo shoot.

The photographer was so engrossed in capturing seaside shots of the star that he lost his footing.

But before he hit the water, the quick-thinking man threw his camera to the ground.

He was soon pulled out of the water by the production crew.

Despite the scare, the drenched photographer was unhurt by the fall.

And the photos in his camera were not affected by the incident.

In a video clip taken by a fan, Karen was heard praising the photographer for his professionalism.

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