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'Please don't come to my concerts next time': JJ Lin annoyed with netizens dubbing footages to mock his dance moves

'Please don't come to my concerts next time': JJ Lin annoyed with netizens dubbing footages to mock his dance moves
JJ Lin responds to netizens who made fun of his dancing in an Instagram Story on Dec 3, 2023.
PHOTO: Weibo/JJ Lin, screengrab/Instagram Story/JJ Lin

There is a limit to how much you can tease someone before they become annoyed.

Singaporean singer JJ Lin, 42, was recently mocked by Chinese netizens after videos of him dancing to his song Eternal Life in his recent concert in China went viral on social media.

The concert, believed to be held in Wuhan on Nov 25 and 26 as part of his Road to JJ20 world tour, showed JJ dancing to choreographed dance moves.

As there were rumours going around on Weibo since July that he had spent NT$4 million (S$170,000) on dance lessons in South Korea, some netizens commented on his movements.

A netizen wrote: "Out of the NT$4 million spent, NT$3.99 million was on hair styling."

"That's what you get for spending NT$4 million?" another netizen commented.

In addition, some netizens have even gone to the extent of replacing the song that JJ was singing in the video clip to other music, so that it appeared he was making a joke out of himself.

@hahatoyy 4 million dances fit any BGM😂🥲🤣#JJ #linjunjie ♬ original sound - HAHATOY

In response to these derogatory behaviour, JJ posted an Instagram Story last night (Nov 3), with the hashtags "#notfunny" and "#norespect".

He wrote: "If you just want to have a nice laugh by putting weird music over concert performance footages, just scroll TikTok, please don't come to my concerts next time, no thank you."

The hashtag "JJ Lin please don't come to my concerts next time" took second place on Weibo hot search list at noon today, with many netizens and fans supporting JJ.

One netizen wrote: "Respect the music and respect the performance. A joke is only funny when both parties find it funny."

"It really isn't funny. JJ is someone who respects music and some of these dubbing are really ridiculous," another wrote.

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