Pregnant with triplets: South Korean comedian Hwang Shin-young using wheelchair after gaining 30kg

PHOTO: Instagram/shinyoung_h

Being pregnant isn't easy at all and some have it tougher than others.

For South Korean comedian Hwang Shin-young, she is expecting triplets and her weight gain has resulted in her using a wheelchair.

In an Instagram post last week, the 30-year-old can be seen in a wheelchair and she wrote: "I used to dance more than 7 hours a day... [Now] I can only walk for about 15 minutes..."

Shin-young was said to have majored in dance at the Korea National University of Arts and made her debut as a comedian in the 28th KBS open recruitment in 2013.

She added that she got the wheelchair from her father and that her weight had reached almost 100kg, a huge increase from her pre-pregnancy weight of 71kg.

Despite the pregnancy taking a toll on her, the comedian still remains chipper — at least from her Instagram feed. Shin-young posts pretty regular updates and her captions are rather positive in nature.

At one point, though, she revealed that her uterus hurts so much that she had to sleep on her left side.

She shared a photo of her on the bed looking distressed and the caption read: "I can't get up because it hurts like the bottom of the uterus is going to fall out."

However, she ended off the post by telling herself to endure it.

Shin-young announced her pregnancy earlier this year on Feb 20 after a successful second round of artificial insemination.

In her announcement post, she also revealed that she tried to get pregnant naturally for three years but didn't work. She then resorted to artificial insemination, but despite taking superovulation injections every night, the first round failed.

Yet, she persisted and she was met with good news on their second try.

The bubbly comedian has thought about a caesarean birth but also said that she wants to try for a natural birth.

Well, let's hope that everything goes smoothly for her.