Priyanka Chopra has partnered with Crocs and UNICEF to send shoes to children in Belize

Priyanka Chopra has partnered with Crocs and UNICEF to send shoes to children in Belize

The 37-year-old actress has teamed up with the comfortable footwear brand and the the United Nations Children's Fund to donate around 50,000 pairs of shoes to deserving school children in the Central American country.

In a series of tweets, the Quantico star wrote: "This initiative is very special to me. What started as a conversation with @Crocs of shared interests and concerns for the children of the world, has blossomed into this amazing association with @UNICEF, an organisation that is so close to my heart.

"We've partnered with @crocs to donate 50,000 pairs of Crocs Classic Clogs to deserving school children in Belize and provide them with a basic necessity like shoes, which will play a role in getting these kids to school.

"Crocs' mission is to help everyone around the world be comfortable in their own shoes and Belize is just the start. We hope to take this wonderful initiative to children in countries across the world. @UNICEFUSA#partner (sic)"

Priyanka has been a global Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF for over a decade, and she admitted last year the position has made her appreciate her life so much more.


She said: "The one thing that has changed in me is, I do not take my privileges for granted. I do not take the fact that I live in a comfortable home, I have the ability to get an education, I have a job that I want to have, I'm living the life that I choose to live."

And the 'Baywatch' actress finds the field trips she does with the charity to be "the most special" because she gets to meet the people that the organisation helps.

She added: "The field trips are the most special, because you meet incredible kids and survivors. That has been one of my joyous moments, being able to help advocate children's rights and children's welfare around the world.

"That moved me so much in being able to go to places where these kids have no voice or no one listening to them, and actually shedding light on that. It makes you feel so small as a person. And it makes you feel like the life we lived is so self-centred. We take so much for granted. It really is a way of coming back into reality and seeing the world for what it is."

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