Quan Yi Fong bids farewell to house, netizens wonder if she's leaving Singapore

PHOTO: Instagram/quanyifong

Local television host Quan Yi Fong may be bidding farewell to her house, but she's not leaving Singapore.

In an Instagram post yesterday, the 46-year-old penned a heartfelt post about having to leave her current residence.

However, her pensive thoughts led netizens to believe that Yi Fong might be moving to China. After all, her daughter Eleanor has been expanding her showbiz presence over there.

Spoiler alert: she's not moving — for the moment.

Yi Fong spoke of how life is fragile and it's important to live in the present. She then expressed how she lived most of her 30 years in Singapore feeling like a nomad, until she was able to get a house in the last few years. Life then became more stable for the mother-daughter duo who had to rely on each other.

It was also in this house — a two-storey, three-room condominium in Siglap according to 8world — that Yi Fong experienced some of life's "sweetest and most blissful moments".

However, she added: "Just as my heart settled down, I didn't expect to go on another journey in life, to explore another way of living life and to get used to the air in another city.

"I'm thankful to this house for giving us warmth, and for protecting both mother and daughter... I hope the next owner will experience the same bliss."

Her cryptic words might have been what led netizens to think she's moving on to something different. There were those who asked if Yi Fong was moving to China, while others wanted to know if she was leaving the media industry.

In response to the latter, Yi Fong replied: "No, we're just moving house."

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