Quan Yi Fong volunteers to be her daughter's 'wheelchair' as she recovers from surgery

PHOTO: Instagram/quanyifong
Mothers are like superheroes to their children, no matter how much they have grown over the years. And the last thing she wants is to see her child suffer in pain.
Take Singaporean host Quan Yi Fong for example, who volunteered to be her daughter, Eleanor’s ‘wheelchair’ as she recovers from surgery. 
The 46-year-old uploaded a photo on her personal Instagram on Sept 28 where she was seen piggybacking Eleanor in a car park, presumably heading towards their vehicle. 

She revealed in the post how Eleanor has been experiencing pains in her feet which prompted them to seek medical attention. The pain Eleanor felt was so severe that she could not even walk

It turned out that the 20-year-old had ingrown toenails which got inflamed. Thereafter, the doctor recommended Eleanor to undergo two surgeries: one surgery for each foot (with the surgeries spaced out) so that she could still walk and move around as the other foot recovers. 

However, Yi Fong (and perhaps Eleanor too), eventually decided to have both of Eleanor’s feet treated at the same time.

“I’m worried that she’ll have to bear the pain twice, in addition to an extended recovery process,” Yi Fong explained.

It is known that the mother-daughter duo shares such a close relationship that Yi Fong would fight tooth and nail with anyone who dares to mess with her daughter. 

“Luckily, you have a strong mama who has the ability to carry you,” said Yi Fong.

“I’m your wheelchair, and my shoulders are there to support you — so don’t ask me why I’m putting in so much effort at the gym. It’s because I can’t afford to lose,” joked Yi Fong.

But on a more serious note, Yi Fong says that there will definitely be a time when these muscles will come in handy, such as carrying a baby. 

“Luckily you’re not heavy,” said Yi Fong as she recalled how Eleanor disliked walking on her own when she was younger, which brought about much laughter.

“Perhaps, this is happiness,” the mum wrote in a hashtag at the end of her post. 

Of course, netizens have to ask: “Why not get a proper wheelchair instead?”

PHOTO: Screengrab/Instagram/quanyifong

To which Yi Fong responded in a separate comment to 8days.sg that a wheelchair is “unnecessary” and just a temporary measure as Eleanor is mostly staying at home — which is what should be adhered to in times of the coronavirus pandemic.

This article was first published in theAsianparent.