'You are really quite psychotic': 'Smiling Prince' Nicholas Teo stuns with chilling performance in Chinese reality show

'You are really quite psychotic': 'Smiling Prince' Nicholas Teo stuns with chilling performance in Chinese reality show
Nicholas Teo’s performance captivated director Derek Yee in the latest episode of Chinese variety show Memories Beyond Horizon season 2.
PHOTO: Weibo/Nicholas Teo

At the height of his career, Malaysian singer-actor Nicholas Teo was known as the Smiling Prince.

The 42-year-old, whose hits include Dang Ni Gu Dan Ni Hui Xiang Qi Shui and Bei Ji Xing De Yan Lei, was given that nickname after portraying a gentle male lead opposite Taiwanese singer-actress Cyndi Wang in the idol drama Smiling Pasta (2006).

Despite that, versatile actors have the capability of portraying emotions on different spectrums, and Nicholas recently showed that he can do more than wholesome grins.

In the latest season of the Chinese acting variety show Memories Beyond Horizon, he was one of the most anticipated actors and put on a captivating performance in a short skit aired last Saturday (March 30).

Nicholas plays a person who is infatuated with a woman, portrayed by Chinese actress Xu Ruohan, 26. When she rejects his advances, the man reveals his true psychotic nature.

The skit started with his character thanking netizens on a livestream for finding the woman he was looking for.

"We are going to meet soon… Today, let's witness our happily-ever-after," he said, smiling gently at the camera.

As he turned the camera off, his smile left his face and his gaze turned hard when he realised that Ruohan had entered the room.

"Ruohan, long time no see. I got you your favourite roses," he said, a creepy smile plastered on his face.

He soon turned violent when she rejected his advances, pushing her to the ground, and his marriage proposal was more sinister than romantic.

After the performance, Hong Kong film director Derek Yee, 66, clapped and praised Nicholas: "Maybe I have an impression of you and there is a contrast [between the impression and your performance]. I feel that it's quite scary. You look very gentle but when you act as an obsessive character…"

"You are really quite psychotic," Chinese singer-actress Ning Jing interjected, finishing his sentence, as Derek laughed.

Ning Jing, 51, added to Derek: "Do you have any psychotic roles? He is really suitable for it."

"I think I can put him up for the challenge, it would be quite meaningful," he added, with Ning Jing agreeing.

Memories Beyond Horizon is a variety show where new as well as memorable actors are pitted against each other to perform in skits each week. Their performances are judged and they are mentored by experienced directors, producers and actors, including Hong Kong actors Francis Ng and Tony Leung Ka Fai. The winner will be offered a film contract.

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