Rapid weight loss of 10kg for new role takes toll on Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming

Huang Xiaoming at the Golden Rooster Awards on Nov 28
PHOTO: Weibo

It's quite common for actors to lose weight (or even put on weight) for their roles, but for Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming, his rapid weight loss seems to be affecting his body.

Xiaoming, 43, is currently filming his new movie A Cover Up and he has to lose 15kg for the role. A Cover Up is a crime thriller that sees a taxi driver's (played by Xiaoming) life change completely after he meets a drunk man while working the night shift.

Through a combination of dieting and physical training, he has managed to shed 10kg so far. However, it's been reported that the weight loss has taken a toll on him and he's in some discomfort.

He told Hong Kong media: "I fasted as a way to lose weight and maybe it was too much too fast, and I didn't eat rice, so my body lacked salt and sugar and it was too weak. I also had some consecutive overnight shoots so that was why my heart couldn't take it."

Most recently, Xiaoming snagged the Best Actor at the Golden Rooster Awards for his role in The Burning and he sported a beard (also for the new role) at the ceremony and looked visibly skinnier.

The director for A Cover Up, Dong Yue, also shared on Weibo how it hurts him to see Xiaoming in so much pain.

Dong wrote: "He would lie on the props, looking very pale, and asking to rest for a few minutes in a very weak voice. Every time I think of this, my heart hurts. He gives his all for his movies and I understand his character and resolve. I teared up the moment I saw him win [at the Golden Rooster Awards]. I want to say that he deserves this glory."

Dong Yue's Weibo post. PHOTO: Screengrab/Weibo