Rebecca Lim's New Year's resolution: No more online shopping when bored

Local actress Rebecca Lim is welcoming 2019 with her New Year's resolution to stop online shopping whenever she feels "bored".

The 32-year-old told The New Paper: "I want to save more money and not spend unnecessarily. Sometimes, we see cheap offers online and we are tempted to make a purchase even though we don't really need them. It is not worth it. I make it a point to mix and match my old and new outfits so I can shop less."

Lim described herself as someone who is "not super daring" when it comes to fashion.

Her wardrobe staples?

White T-shirts, of which she has eight, because they "go with almost everything".

"I love trying out new looks during photo shoots and at work. But when I head out with family or friends or run errands on my days off, I am always seen in simple clothing like joggers, T-shirts and jeans," she said.

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She sometimes goes out without blow-drying her hair or a speck of make-up on her face.

"It is important to be able to go out without make-up and still be confident of how you look because often, we place too much emphasis on how we look that we forget to nurture who we are inside."

She added: "You must always be confident, cheerful and comfortable. If you are all of the above, you will look good."

Having been in showbiz for 15 years, she has grown to be more aware when it comes to dressing for her body type.

"In my early 20s, I would wear anything that was on trend without understanding my body and what I looked best in."

She has also become more experimental due to her job and is "extremely grateful" that she gets to wear "beautiful outfits and shoot beautiful pictures".

Lim, who has a personal stylist she engages for work purposes only, said: "(But) I have many good friends in the industry who have been encouraging me to step out of my comfort zone to try different looks for different occasions.

"I have also been blessed with many photo shoot opportunities that gave me the chance to try edgy and high-fashion looks."

Her latest project is the Asian adaptation of the Scandinavian global phenomenon The Bridge TV series, a thriller in which she plays a detective investigating a double murder and sports a sunburnt look with "special effects" freckles.

The series is currently streaming on HBO GO and is also available on HBO On Demand (StarHub TV Ch 602).

Known for her porcelain complexion, Lim said: "I wish I could stay indoors forever. My role required me to be constantly under the sun, (so) when I am out filming, I apply sunscreen every day and spray it on every two to three hours.

"I also carry an umbrella with me at all times for that added protection when the cameras aren't rolling."

To ensure that she looks her best on set, Lim added that her daily beauty regimen includes kick-starting the day by drinking 250ml of water the moment she wakes up and consuming supplements for her hair, skin and nails.

This was an especially important step for Lim as her character in The Bridge is "supposed to look like she couldn't care less", which led to Lim perming her hair twice to make her naturally straight locks look more damaged and unruly.


As a presenter at last month's Asian Academy Creative Awards, Lim was elegance personified in a black Louis Vuitton evening gown.

She paired it with a clutch and jewellery from Goldheart, for which she is a spokesmodel.

She said: "I love to wear classic pieces for red carpets, and this gown was perfect for the occasion. I believe it was a standout despite it being black because I was so comfortable in it. I received many compliments that night."

The right styling is also crucial for perfecting the entire look.

Said Lim: "I have to give credit to my hairstylist and make-up artist as well because you can wear a beautiful dress but have a terrible hairdo or over-the-top make-up and still look horrendous. Everything has to go hand in hand."


According to Lim, the details - such as the gold button finishes - set this red Gucci pantsuit, which she wore to a formal event, apart from others. She added a Gucci bag, Dita sunglasses and Manolo Blahnik pumps.

Lim, who stands at 1.66m, said: "I don't have a model-like figure so I have to choose my suits properly. I love the fit of (this) and that it is not an expected normal suit. Casual and glam at the same time."


For a friend's birthday brunch during the rainy season in November last year, Lim was togged in head-to-toe Christian Dior, and the choice to wear boots was weather-driven.

She said: "I always had the boots and skirt in my closet but because of the heat in Singapore, I never really had the chance to wear them."


For chilling out on a Sunday, Lim wore ripped baggy jeans from French brand Maje, a loose strappy top from Miu Miu, shades from Gentle Monster as well as a bag and "dad" sneakers from Louis Vuitton. The shoe trend recently made a huge street style comeback, and she jokingly agreed that her father would approve of the footwear.

She said: "I love sneakers and hardly buy shoes. You can match (these) with anything - shorts, long skirts or jeans. Plus, it adds some height and it is so comfortable as well."

This article was first published in The New Paper. Permission required for reproduction.