Remember them? Taiwan's Sunday Girls featuring 4 Japanese girls reunite after 21 years

Remember them? Taiwan's Sunday Girls featuring 4 Japanese girls reunite after 21 years
From left: Tomoko Takagaki, Mai Sato, Aisa Senda, and Chika Goshima from Sunday Girls.
PHOTO: Instagram/Mai Sato

True friendships withstand the test of time, even after decades.

Japanese singer-host Aisa Senda, who is based in Taiwan, reunited on-screen with the former members of Sunday Girls — Mai Sato, Chika Goshima and Tomoko Takagaki — in Taiwan yesterday (June 7) after disbanding for 21 years, crying as she embraced them, TVBS News reported.

All three of them flew in from Japan to show their support for Aisa and her new variety show.

"Our relationship was special. We were together 24/7, be it sleeping, working, cleaning or buying groceries. All these shared experiences formed our special relationship," Mai, 43, recalled fondly.

Aisa, 40, echoed her sentiments: "It was special and I will cherish these relationships for a lifetime."


Sunday Girls was a four-member Japanese idol group formed in Taiwan in 2000 through the variety show Happy Sunday. The four of them had to learn to speak Mandarin and trained in Taiwan for three months.

The quartet released their debut album in 2001, which included songs in both Japanese and Mandarin.

After Sunday Girls disbanded in 2002, Mai appeared in drama series and variety shows. However, she has been away from showbiz for almost a decade since 2014.

Aisa later joined the hip hop band Da Mouth in 2007 as their female vocalist. Chika and Tomoko left Taiwan showbiz.

The reunion was part of publicity efforts for Aisa's new variety show, Rookie Boss To Work, where the hosts — Aisa, SpeXial's Win Feng, dentist Xuan Chen and actor Riesling Hsieh — temporarily take the reins of various stir-fry shops in Taiwan.

Mai also posted about the reunion on her Instagram page earlier today, writing: "I don't know why we cry every time we meet. We have endless stories. Aisa shared all the big scoops over the past 23 years, but it's too exciting and scandalous, I don't know if I can post it here...


"Our interactions have not changed since 2000. It's amazing to think that a 16-year-old, two 17-year-olds and a 20-year-old, came to a place where they neither speak the language nor have friends, and fought together in showbiz.

"It was not an easy feat and so many unbelievable things happened... I still have a long road ahead and I will create more value in my life."

Aisa is actively pursuing her showbiz career in Taiwan, while Taiwanese media interpreted Mai's appearance yesterday as her official return to showbiz. It is unclear if Chika and Tomoko, both 39, will remain in Taiwan.

Mai also revealed that she has been away from Taiwan for over three years due to Covid-19 and can now visit Taiwan more often since the pandemic has ended, adding that she will do what she likes, including in show business.

Speaking about Aisa, Mai also shared: "We have always been in touch, but haven't seen each other in person for years, so I felt very moved."

When asked by Taiwanese media about her love life, Mai said bluntly: "I forgot how to be in a relationship!"

Mai left the entertainment industry after marrying one of the richest men in Taiwan — 43-year-old Wong Quanren — in 2014. The couple have an eight-year-old son together but commenced divorce proceedings last year which are still ongoing.

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