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Ricky Gervais: I tried to make hosting the Golden Globes a 'spectator sport'

Ricky Gervais: I tried to make hosting the Golden Globes a 'spectator sport'
Ricky Gervais hosts.
PHOTO: Reuters

Ricky Gervais turned hosting the Golden Globes into a "spectator sport".

The 60-year-old comedian hosted the awards show five times over a decade and Ricky relished the opportunity to mock Hollywood's rich and famous.

He shared: "I tried to make it a spectator sport when I did it and I did it five times over 10 years. I loved every one, I think I got better at it.

"My favourite one was the last one, mainly because the first time I did it 10 years ago, people are going 'Why is he saying awful things to these lovely, these most important people in the world?' And the world changed, and by the fifth time they were going, 'Yeah, go on, give it to them, we're sick of them, we're sick of celebrities.'"

This year's Golden Globes ceremony wasn't televised due to controversy surrounding the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

But Ricky admits he never planned to watch the show anyway.


He told the Backstage podcast: "I've only ever watched awards ceremonies if I'm there; I'm either winning an award or handing them out. This idea of going home and watching three hours of other people winning an award, I don't know..."

Meanwhile, Ricky recently claimed that some people take his comedy too seriously.

The stand-up star also admitted he'll adopt any position in order to make people laugh.

He explained: "Some people think a joke is the window to a comedian's true soul. That's just not true. I'll take on any view that makes the joke funnier.

"I might pretend to be right wing. I might pretend to be left wing. I pretend to be clever and I pretend to be stupid. Whatever makes the joke funny without prejudice."

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