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Robbie Williams releases Covid-19 Christmas song

Robbie Williams releases Covid-19 Christmas song
Robbie Williams.
PHOTO: Reuters

The 46-year-old singer-songwriter's new track Can't Stop Christmas references the 2020 pandemic but says nothing will stop the festive celebrations this year.

The lyrics include: "Oh what a miserable year, but what a time to be alive. Sadly some friends disappeared. It's never been like this before, it feels like we're at war.

"So what are we to do, about your FaceTimes and your Zooms. There's a room inside my mind and it's always here for you. Nothing's gonna stop Christmas, no chance."

According to The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column, Robbie also jokes about wanting hand gel in his Christmas stocking, singing: "You can't take away our season, like you can't take away the wine.

"Santa's on his sleigh, but now he's two metres away, the people gonna need something to believe in, after a year of being in.

"We've got our wish list, you can't stop Christmas time. If you're wondering what I'd like, socks and sanitiser will do fine.

"I'll guess you'll do your shopping online, the high street lights are out, there's nobody about. Let's lie to Santa Claus, tell him it's 1984."


Robbie - who has Theodora, eight, Charlton, six, Colette, two, and Beau, nine months, with his wife Ayda Field - also sings out his "frustration" at being bored in lockdown.

He belts: "Why oh why are we all waiting/The whole damn world anticipating/ Beyond boredom past frustration/The planet's locked in what ifs and maybes."

The single is taken from Robbie's new double album The Christmas Present, which features the likes of Sir Rod Stewart, Bryan Adams, Jamie Cullum, and Tyson Fury.

The standard copy was released last Christmas. 

The festive single's release comes after it was revealed that Robbie's new album has been delayed due to the pandemic.


Guy Chambers, who has worked with Robbie on several records, confirmed the 46-year-old singer wants to get back into the studio but the travel restrictions are getting in the way.

The songwriter explained: "He does want to do another record, but obviously we can't because of the situation. He's in Los Angeles and no one can fly to America."

Guy admitted the pair need to be in the "same room together" to work on new music.

He added: "Our relationship doesn't work in different countries, we have to be in the same room together to create."

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