Gossip mill: Felicia Chin affected by viewers' abuse - and other entertainment news this week

Gossip mill: Felicia Chin affected by viewers' abuse - and other entertainment news this week

Felicia Chin affected by viewers' abuse

[embed]https://www.instagram.com/p/B3yjum2gbvT/[/embed]Local actress Felicia Chin is having a case of "so good that it hurts".

The 35-year-old, who has played lovable goody-two-shoe roles since winning Star Search 2003, is finally portraying a villainous character in the Chinese drama Old Is Gold, currently airing on Channel 8.

And she's so good at it that viewers have sent her disparaging remarks targeting her personally and not just her character, she told local media recently. Many were private messages sent to her social media account.

She added: "Some were really extreme, like 'You cheap woman, you will have an ugly death'. When older viewers see me on the streets, they also tell me 'I used to love watching your dramas. But because of (Old Is Gold), I really hate you!'"

"I believe words have power. Reading too many of these comments will inadvertently affect my emotions, so I prefer to delete them."

Kyoko Fukada signs pre-nup with real estate entrepreneur boyfriend?

[embed]https://www.instagram.com/p/B4RxOcbHsDQ/[/embed]The 37-year-old Japanese actress/goddess is said to have inked a pre-nuptial agreement with her rumoured boyfriend, real estate entrepreneur Sugimoto Hiroyuki, 41.

Japanese media reported that the two met through friends in November 2018, and their relationship progressed rapidly despite occasional tiffs and break-ups — he didn't like her love for drinking, while she found out he was seeing other women.

Rumour has it, the pre-nup states that both parties will not have access to the other's assets upon a divorce, and get this: if one is caught cheating, s/he has to pay a penalty!

Producing Director of popular Korean talent reality show allegedly received favours for vote-rigging

Yet another scandal in K-pop.

Ahn Joon Young, the producing director of hit talent reality show Produce 101, has finally admitted to manipulating the results of the latest two seasons — Produce X 101 in 2019 and Produce 48 in 2018.

He was arrested on November 5, after investigations into the show began in September. Korean media reported that Ahn was spotted receiving favours worth millions of won at an adult entertainment establishment, allegedly paid for by an entertainment agency.

[embed]https://www.instagram.com/p/B1WbTc9l72s/[/embed]The show's producers also reportedly tried to destroy evidence such as mobile phone messages.

The controversy has now cast aspersions on the young aspiring stars from the two affected seasons. Girl group IZ*ONE, formed from winning contestants in Produce 48, cancelled their comeback showcase that was scheduled for November 11.

Some netizens have also urged X1, the boy band made up of winning contestants from Produce X 101, to disband.


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