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Sammi Cheng reveals father's death with heart-wrenching post: He is gone but his love will be with me

Sammi Cheng reveals father's death with heart-wrenching post: He is gone but his love will be with me
PHOTO: Instagram/sammi_chengsauman

It seems like 2020 has been especially tough on Hong Kong singer-actress Sammi Cheng as she revealed that her father died a month ago.

In an Instagram post on Dec 20, Sammi Cheng wrote a lengthy and heart-wrenching reflection on her father's passing, which she called the greatest pain in life. 

She said: "My dearest father passed away last month surrounded by me and our family. He was taken back to heaven very peacefully."

Her father was hospitalised in October after he fell ill, and Sammi and her siblings took turns to look after him, sometimes even staying through the night.

The 48-year-old shared that her father bravely fought one tough battle after another in the face of different illnesses that plagued him, and "magnificently completed his life's tasks" before he left them.

For the past month, Sammi and her siblings have been busy preparing for her father's funeral. She added that her father was also a Christian and there was a church service for him more than 10 days ago, and she is grateful to the friends who showed up.

During this period of time, though, Sammi confessed that she's always thinking about her father, how he's no longer tormented by his illness, and that he's finally at peace.

"Apart from quietly planning my father's funeral, I'm also adjusting and healing my body and mind. My siblings and I will take care of our mother to the best of our abilities," she wrote, adding that her mother is in pain over the loss of her decades-long partner but is remaining strong in her faith.


Sammi, on the other hand, has faced a string of losses — first her 15-year-old dog Lucky and then her father — in the span of two months. It's clearly hard on her as she wrote: "Losing Lucky, and losing my father, experiencing pain one after another... It hurts when I think of them and I can't help but cry. I'm human after all. Sometimes, I allow myself to be strong and vulnerable at the same time.

She still misses him and smiles whenever she looks at her father's photo, and she believes that "missing [someone] is also a kind of happiness, because we have each other's happiness".

"When I look up at the sky, among the infinite stars, I always feel that my father is among them. The stars are twinkling and twinkling, seemingly winking at me, and telling me, 'Heaven is so beautiful. Daughter, you have to live a good life and continue to work hard and improve'," she wrote, and adding that she will pick herself up after she has hurt and cried.

Sammi also said: "Papa, tell me which star in the sky you are. Please remember to keep blinking at me playfully every night."

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