Sammo Hung didn't have strength to carry his grandsons, daughter-in-law reveals in talk show


Many of us may remember him as a kung fu legend in Hong Kong films, but age has caught up with 'Big Brother' Sammo Hung.

Sammo, 67, was once so exhausted from directing and filming My Beloved Bodyguard in 2016, he didn't have the strength to carry his grandsons, his daughter-in-law Janet Chow recently said in a talk show.

In the show, the veteran actor also revealed that he broke his arm while filming Lucky Stars Go Places in 1986.

He got his injured limb set in a cast at the hospital, and promptly returned to the set to continue filming.

Talk about dedication to his work.

The actor devoted half his life to his work and put on many hats over the years -- producing, choreographing and directing over 200 films in his career. And while he's a hefty man, Sammo's been known as an agile martial artist.

But decades of filming action movies have taken their toll on his body.

On several occasions, Sammo was spotted using a wheelchair in public, especially after undergoing knee surgery two years ago.

The doting granddad was also seen out shopping for toys with his grandsons last August.

"He's able to walk, but it's more comfortable for him to sit in a wheelchair when going to places such as a shopping mall," Janet explained.

Now on a break from work, the sexagenarian is busy whipping up dishes for his loved ones at home.

Sammo said that he had been working on his culinary skills, and once considered becoming a chef if his acting career didn't work out.