Setting the record straight: Britney Spears to lift lid on alleged fling with Colin Farrell in memoir

Setting the record straight: Britney Spears to lift lid on alleged fling with Colin Farrell in memoir
PHOTO: Instagram/Britney Spears

Britney Spears is reportedly set to lift the lid on her alleged fling with Colin Farrell in her tell-all memoir.

The mum-of-two Toxic singer, 41, who last year married third husband Sam Asghari, 29, was thought to have briefly dated the Phone Booth actor in 2003, though he claimed they were only friends after they arrived at a 2003 movie premiere together.

There was also the rumour Colin sent her a bumper sticker during their apparent romance that said: "Honk if you've slept with Colin Farrell," and a source has now said Britney wants to use her upcoming autobiography to set the record straight on her relationship with the actor and his gift.

A LA-based insider told The Sun: "Britney has worked her way through the extraordinarily emotional challenges and troubles of her life in the 2000s for the book.

"Those were especially tough recollections and challenging days to cover those experiences.

"But during those heady days, Britney also had many other adventures as a single woman, including that experience with Colin.

"And she is keen to get her time with Colin laid down on paper and presented from her perspective. She has been wanting to set the record straight for a long time."

The source added Colin, who has famously been sober for years, was "the hottest young actor in Hollywood" and a party animal at the time of his alleged fling with the singer, and she was "swept away" by him.

They said: "People forget that then she was not that experienced with boys or the dating game, so when they had their fling, she was taken aback by how nonchalant and disconnected he was.

"She was shocked at how he treated it all like a joke. And when the car sticker came through, she was deeply annoyed and also angered.

"She hated the fact that some people were laughing at her. Colin did try and make peace later, trying to explain his over-the-top behaviour was down to his own life issues and battles with drugs and temptation.

"But Britney will get the final word."

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