Shane Pow back on screen after his hoo-ha doing livestream sales

Shane Pow has kept a low profile since his drink-driving charge.
PHOTO: Instagram/shanepowxp

SINGAPORE - Local actor Shane Pow has finally resurfaced after his contract with broadcaster Mediacorp was terminated in April over a drink-driving charge.

The 29-year-old has kept a low profile since then. He appeared on Monday (May 31) in a live stream by Mdada - a live-stream sales platform founded by celebrity hairstylist Addy Lee and hosts Pornsak Prajakwit and Michelle Chia.

He showed up to sell beauty products alongside Lee, Pornsak, Chia and other live-stream hosts like former actor Kang Chengxi.

In an interview with Chinese daily Lianhe Zaobao, Chia says Pow will be live streaming two to three times a week with Mdada. Pow was recommended by Pornsak, who is a close friend.

Chia adds that Pow knows he was in the wrong and hopes to redeem himself.

She says: "His life is just starting out and he has a bright future. It'd be a shame if we don't give him a chance. He's keen to try too so we invited him to join us.

"We should give him another shot and he has his talents."

The host says that viewers of the live stream had positive feedback for Pow, who was quick to demonstrate the use of beauty products on his own face.

She adds though: "Television artistes are used to being very careful on-screen. I told him to relax. He can make jokes, go to the washroom, use whatever language he likes.

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"Live streaming is a very different environment, it's like talking to your friends online. You have to be closer to the audience and I think he's not really used to it yet."

Pow's drink-driving case is still pending and he has yet to be sentenced but Chia says that regardless of the verdict, Mdada will continue to work with him.

Mediacorp, which previously managed Pow through its artiste management arm The Celebrity Agency, made the decision to part ways with him after his drink-driving charge made the news in April. The actor had also attended a birthday party for actor Jeffrey Xu in October last year, in breach of Covid-19 restrictions.

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