Shane Pow going to Germany with Pornsak to livestream and sell things

PHOTO: Instagram/pornsakp, Instagram/shanepowxp

In life, second chances are very important and local actor Shane Pow seems set to make full use of the one given to him.

After being released from prison for drink driving in August, the 30-year-old signed on with LNX Global, the talent management agency founded by veteran actor Li Nanxing, and also appears on Mdada's sales livestreams with celebrity hairstylist Addy Lee and host Pornsak.

For the uninitiated, Mdada is an online commerce platform founded by Addy Lee, Pornsak and local actress Michelle Chia.

In an interview with DJ Anna on 96.3 Hao FM today (Oct 19), Shane shared that he'll be heading to Germany with Pornsak for a livestream.

When asked what he intends to do there, Shane joked that he wants to go to a place where no one recognises him and sell German sausages. 

In all seriousness, he doesn't know what the detailed plan is, except that it'll be a sales livestream. "I believe we'll be selling German facial products," he said.

While he didn't reveal anything, it's highly possible this is part of his work with Mdada. Additionally, it was announced today that Mdada has expanded its operations to Europe.

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According to a media release, Mdada will be sending their full team of livestreamers for an induction programme with a line-up of potential partners from Europe, including beauty, wellness and fashion brands and merchants with a significant presence in Southeast Asia.

In fact, just a couple of hours ago, Addy livestreamed his time at the airport during a layover at Frankfurt. He was accompanied by some Mdada staff and local host Ho Ailing (know by her stage name Miss Mole).

Expand beyond Singapore by 40

Speaking on the future, Shane also said that he hopes to expand his acting career beyond Singapore by the time he's 40.

As he will hit his 10-year anniversary in local showbiz next year, Shane mused that each decade in his life is a milestone and he hopes to be "better than before" and "more mature" as he gains more life experience.

He doesn't mind if the roles he gets overseas are minor and he's not even picky about the medium, he just wants to try it all.

"Previously I was too sheltered and I was very familiar with the people in the company (Mediacorp). I want to go to a new environment, to a place where no one knows me, and challenge myself," he said.