Sharon Au's serving quarantine at Orchard hotel, Zoe Tay causes 'commotion' after sending food to her

PHOTO: Instagram/sharonau13

Former TV host-actress Sharon Au is back in Singapore to spend time with her mum, and it seems like the drama and classy lifestyle have followed her from Paris.

Firstly, after touching down in Singapore, she was told that her luggage did not get on the flight. Her luggage was arranged to be placed on the next flight out to Singapore and the 45-year-old asked her mum to help send some necessities to her at an Orchard Road hotel where she is serving her 21-day quarantine. Today (June 10) is day 4.

She also asked her mum to pass her a violin for her to practise on.

Sharon told AsiaOne in an interview: "I picked up the violin, [and] have been practising. So far no complaints from my neighbours, yet. I also rented a spin bike, [which] I have been peddling leisurely on."

Looking at her social media posts, she also intends to practise on her guitar daily.

Some of her friends have also sent her food, including local celebs Joey Swee, Mark Lee, and Terence Cao, with one star even causing a little 'commotion' at the hotel.

That would be the one and only Ah Jie Zoe Tay, who dropped off a meal called Bebek Goreng for her. According to Sharon, the visit was a surprise as Zoe had wanted her "to try a marvelicious duck for lunch".

PHOTO: Screengrab/Instagram/sharonau13

In an Instagram Story, Sharon wrote: "I was told you (Zoe) caused a commotion at the hotel lobby after you left!"

She elaborated to us: "The staff told me. Apparently they pretended to be calm and collected when they saw her, but after she left, they broke into exclamations."

When asked, Sharon said it's the humble bak chor mee that she is currently craving for.

In another Instagram Story, she was dolled up in a beautiful black dress and sunglasses while vacuuming her hotel room.

When we jokingly asked her why she dresses up so nicely when she's alone in the room, she said: "I don't want to dread each day as it passes, 21 days are too long to feel sorry for yourself. So I make an effort to dress up and greet each day, decorating the room with flowers. It is important for one's mental health."

This trip home isn't really a holiday though. In an interview with Lianhe Zaobao, she said she's working at 'home' according to the office hours in France, which means she's working during the night while in Singapore.

Sharon added, she's back so she could play mahjong with her mum. "My mum's main hobby is playing mahjong. The regulations now [during Phase 2 Heightened Alert] allow only two guests, what if she gets depression because she can't play mahjong?"

For everyone who's curious, Sharon's Covid-19 test result is negative which means she will be able to safely spend time with her mum after her quarantine until she returns to Paris at the end of August.

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