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'She needs an organ transplant to live': Blackie Chen piggybacks sister home from hospital

'She needs an organ transplant to live': Blackie Chen piggybacks sister home from hospital
Blackie Chen carried his sister home after she was discharged from the hospital.
PHOTO: Instagram/Blackie Chen

Before Blackie Chen is a television host, actor or Taiwanese basketball league founder, he is, above all else, a brother.

In an Instagram post on Wednesday (May 31), Blackie shared a video of himself carrying his ill younger sister Vicky Chen on his back up multiple flights of stairs, taking her home.

"My sister was hospitalised for 24 days and has finally been discharged. Because her lungs aren't fully functional, her actions cannot be too strenuous, so she could only be carried up the stairs," the 46-year-old said.

"I can't remember the last time I carried her."

Chen is mother to young fraternal twins. Her ailment has not been made clear.

Blackie continued in his post: "Vicky needs an organ transplant to live, everything else has been left to God."

Prior to bringing her home, Blackie also briefly spoke with her while she was seated in their vehicle.

"You're discharged — how are you feeling?" Blackie asked.

Instead of responding directly, Chen replied with thanks, expressing gratitude towards the medical staff who tended to her during her stay.


She emphasised: "They were really very caring and considerate."

The clip then cut to Blackie carrying her up a long staircase. As they ascended, the duo also briefly spoke, and Blackie could be seen chuckling.

According to Chen, she weighed 54kg at the time. He also reminded his sibling to record her weight, likely for monitoring her health.

Throughout the journey up the stairs, Blackie constantly checked on his sister's condition, asking in a gentle tone: "Are you okay? We're almost home… take it slow."

Once they reached their destination, Blackie gingerly put her down and said: "We're home."

Blackie's wife Christine Fan also conveyed her support for Chen in a separate post on Instagram, also uploaded on Wednesday.

The 47-year-old singer shared a video of Chen sitting cross-legged in her hospital bed and playing with her two children as they sang Mother's Baby by Li Bingbing, a Mandarin song for kids to express appreciation to their mothers.

The twins then turned to Chen with flowers in hand, wishing her a happy Mother's Day.


Christine wrote in the post: "I pray for you every day and night and pray you'll receive lungs suitable for transplantation.

"Thank you for your bravery and strong efforts in being present for your two children…

"Thinking back to how you gave birth to these twins over two years ago, I think that life's been amazing for letting us share our parenting experiences.

"You are godly, kind and sensible — I really love you. I'll keep praying and hoping for a miracle to come."


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Blackie and Christine also have twins and the boys are aged eight. 


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