Singapore crowd chants 'you're cute' to Exo's Baekhyun, he says: 'I know'

Singapore crowd chants 'you're cute' to Exo's Baekhyun, he says: 'I know'
Exo's Baekhyun in Singapore, wearing the Charles Jeffrey Loverboy beanie that has taken the K-pop world by storm.
PHOTO: X/Baekhyun_INB100

Baekhyun started off his concert last night (March 28) with songs familiar to all Exo fans.

Despite being in Singapore on his solo Asia Tour Lonsdaleite, the 31-year-old performed his group's songs Diamond and Playboy before launching into his solo numbers Stay Up and Ice Queen.

And "ice queen" was an apt description for how Baekhyun looked in his outfit, which featured a long white coat bejewelled with rhinestones.

Baekhyun had just arrived from his concerts in Tokyo on March 23 and 24, and because he spoke some Japanese there, he wanted to try his hand at Singlish for fans in Singapore.

The first Singlish phrase he used was unclear, but it sounded like "power sia". The second was something the audience appreciated, cheering and laughing as he called them "chiobu".

"I have one more… alamak!" he exclaimed, putting his hand to his forehead.

Another white outfit was followed by an all-black look where Baekhyun donned a black leather jacket and studded hat, looking the part of a cowboy as he belted songs like Ghost, Underwater and Bambi.

The second half of his concert marked a departure from his formal looks as Baekhyun emerged in a pink-and-orange gradient puffer jacket from ERL, distressed baggy jeans and the popular chunky rabbit beanie from Charles Jeffrey Loverboy — which he told the audience he had donned to show off his cuteness.

The beanie, and its cat-eared version, were previously seen on other K-pop stars, from members of Stray Kids and Shinee to Blackpink and Red Velvet.

As the crowd chanted "gwiyeowo" (you're cute in Korean), Baekhyun responded cheekily: "I know."

Songs that accompanied the bubbly look were Poppin', R U Ridin'?, Betcha and Candy.

Baekhyun even brushed off technical difficulties by being adorable.

As his in-ear monitor went tumbling and was later retrieved by security, the singer asked the audience to "talk to each other" while he fixed it, to laughter and awwws from the crowd.

With such a markedly different vibe from his suave looks in the beginning of the concert, one wonders if the knit beanie had special powers to enhance cuteness.


After 20 songs, Baekhyun bid his farewell to his fans as slow piano music played in the background and confetti streamed around the hall.

"Thank you so much Singapore, I'll see you next time. Please wait for me," he said in English. "Love you all."

Baekhyun started his concert with songs by Exo, and ended it with the group's call and response as well.

"We are," he shouted, and the crowd chanted "one" in return.

"Exo," Baekhyun continued, and the audience called back: "Saranghaja" (let's love).


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