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From Singapore to US: Chen Xiuhuan and other celebs that caught Squid Game fever this Halloween

From Singapore to US: Chen Xiuhuan and other celebs that caught Squid Game fever this Halloween
PHOTO: Veteran actress Chen Xiuhuan (left) and Taiwanese host Dee Hsu (right) showing off their Squid Game Halloween costumes. PHOTO: chenxiuhuan/Instagram, elephantdee/Instagram

Squid Game fever is still going strong despite being released almost two months ago.

In fact, the hit South Korean drama series has become the inspiration for many celebrities' Halloween costumes this year, one of them being veteran local actress, Chen Xiuhuan. 

On Sunday night (Oct 31), the 56-year-old shared an Instagram post showing off her Squid Game inspired costume. The actress sported a bright orange dress with a yellow top, and had her hair tied into two ponytails — exactly like the creepy robot girl who appears in the first episode. 


"Halloween this year wasn't really planned. We simply ordered our five masks online, yet the whole family had an unforgettable Halloween," she wrote. 

Since her family did not make any plans, they simply "dove into their wardrobe" to create their costumes.

She added: "On the eve, my nephew and his newly-minted bride came to the house to help me bake Dalgona cookies from the popular TV series Squid Game. They were so beautifully done."

Xiuhuan ended off her post by wishing her followers a happy Halloween. 

Apart from Xiuhuan, here are other celebrities who also chose Squid Game characters for their Halloween costumes. 

1. Lisa (Blackpink) 

The 24-year-old K-pop star made waves on social media when she posted a picture of herself dressed as the same robot doll from the show. 


Fans complimented and praised her, saying she looked adorable.

2. Lee Yoo-mi 

Squid Game cast member Lee Yoo-mi even joined in on the fun and also dressed as the robot doll. 


On the show, the 27-year-old plays the role of player 240, a young woman who was recently released from prison after murdering her abusive father. During the games, she becomes friends with player 067, Saebyeok, played by Jung Ho-yeon. 

3. Shin-dong (Super Junior)

It's not just female celebrities that love the robot doll. Even male celebrities like Shin-dong from Super Junior had no qualms about putting on the orange dress to portray the character. 

Pictures of the 36-year-old singer as the doll were posted on Smtown's Twitter page, alongside this video of him playing Red Light, Green Light. 


4. Dee Hsu 

Taiwanese host Dee Hsu, took a different approach for her Halloween costume, choosing to dress up as Player 001 Il-Nam, who is also the host of the games. 


Praising her own efforts, the 43-year-old wrote in the photo's caption: "Who says that Halloween is only for children? I'm not about to lose to the kids." 

5. James Charles 

Perhaps the biggest testimony to the success of Squid Game is its popularity even in countries like the United States, where popular makeup artist and influencer James Charles, created a look based on Player 067.

The 22-year-old also posted a makeup tutorial on his YouTube channel showing viewers how to recreate his look. 


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