Singaporean singer A-Do gets a little heavier and netizens have opinions

PHOTO: Weibo, Weibo/阿杜

It doesn't matter that ageing and the effects of medication work the same on celebrities, some people are always going to hold them to higher standards. 

And Singaporean singer A-Do wasn't spared from the cutting words of netizens when a photo of him surfaced on social media last week.

According to Chinese media, a member of the audience snapped some photos of A-Do while he was performing and posted it online with the caption: "The songs are the same, but he isn't the same anymore." In the photo, he can be seen in a slightly oversized orange sweater and a pair of black pants. His face is visibly rounder, and he's still sporting his signature long fringe from recent years.

His new 'look' came under fire from netizens and the criticisms ranged from "This photo destroyed my childhood" to "pig feed". It was also reported that some netizens couldn't even recognise A-Do from the photos.

In response to the comments, A-Do's agency Seed Music released a statement. They said: "A-Do is going about his life as usual. Thank you for the concern. Right now, he feels blessed. He will also continue to come out with new songs in 2020 and he can't wait to meet the fans."

PHOTO: Weibo/阿杜

A-Do made his debut in 2002 and hits such as He Must Really Love You and All The Way — along with his gruff voice and bad-boy looks — made him a household name among his fans. He was active in his career until 2012, when he seemingly took a step back from showbiz before making his comeback in 2018 with his album I Will Not Hide.

During the press conference for the album in Oct 2018, he also addressed the issue of his weight gain, and it seemed to be linked to the medication he was taking for his panic disorder. He told the media then that it was because of the steroids in the medication and he lost some weight after he stopped taking it.

In a separate interview in Nov 2018, he laughed it off and said he "can't deny that he's fatter", but admitted that he was working on shedding the extra pounds. However, his condition made exercising difficult because his heart rate would shoot up, causing him to panic.

A-Do was also spotted last December at the second night of homegrown artiste JJ Lin's concert. They both made their debut under the same label Ocean Butterflies, and remain close friends. In fact, JJ thanked A-Do for going to his concert, and addressed him as his senior.

JJ also recounted how he used to test the sound system for A-Do before each of the latter's concerts, and he would always sing All The Way. JJ also tried mimicking A-Do's unique voice, much to the amusement of the crowd, and invited A-Do to sing with him.