Singer Bii reveals secret girlfriend he's been dating for years

PHOTO: Instagram/Bii

Ladies, another eligible bachelor is off the market.

Mandopop singer Bii has confirmed that he's taken, following reports last week that he moved in with Jessie, his secret girlfriend of many years.

She was recently spotted driving him to work, sparking speculations that the pair were a couple.

On May 4, Bii put all rumours to rest by acknowledging that Jessie's his girlfriend in a Facebook post.

He wrote, "I am turning 30 this year and I hope to be in a stable relationship."

"She is not part of the entertainment industry, so I hope that everyone can give us some (personal) space."

"I read the blessings that I have received from my BF family (fans) since the news came out yesterday. I am very touched and thankful."

The 29-year-old also promised that he will treat his work and his fans seriously in the future.

今年要滿30歲的我,希望有一段穩定的關係,謝謝大家的關心,也很抱歉因為我的私事昨天讓很多人忙碌,對方不是圈內人,所以希望大家可以給一些空間,昨日消息出來後,看到很多BF家人們的祝福我都收到了,心裡很感動也很感謝,請相信日後我一樣會認真的對待作品跟你們,也請容許我接下來的私事就不回應了~謝謝大家❤ 我是Bii,畢書盡

Posted by Bii 畢書盡 on Saturday, May 4, 2019

His fans responded to his post with congratulatory messages, writing comments such as "We'll still be here," and "We hope that you can fulfil your dream of getting married before 35."

One of them even said that ”it is difficult to maintain a relationship for so many years" and praised Bii for being a devoted man.

According to Apple Daily, the couple may have been dating for the past eight years, as there were signs of his secret relationship at one of his concerts in 2011. 

In a video clip, he was seen serenading Jessie with Super Junior's 'No Other' onstage after picking her out from the audience.

Days after the revelation, the Taiwanese-Korean singer faced the media at his Be Better press conference in Shanghai.

A nervous-looking Bii revealed that Jessie is his fan and said she's been worried about him since their relationship came to light.

And he hinted that marriage is on the cards, saying "I want to protect the people around me, including future family members."

But don't expect him to get hitched anytime soon, as Bii has said that his career takes priority now.

He will be releasing a new album end May and will embark on a concert tour in Shanghai, Chengdu, and Guangzhou from July.