Singer Christine Fan: 'Will you be happy when my entire family is dead?'

It's clear that surgical face masks are a hot commodity during this time of crisis. Boxes are flying off the shelves, people are trying to ensure that they have enough, and scalpers are trying to make a quick buck in stores and on online marketplaces.

So when it comes to the question of sharing such precious resources with others, should we do it? Or adopt a nationalistic policy?

Well, Taiwanese singer Christine Fan preferred to share face masks with the Chinese but she was lambasted by Taiwanese netizens.

Early this week, after she caught wind of Taiwan's month-long ban on the export of face masks, she went on her private Facebook page to rant about the decision. The post was somehow leaked to the public sphere. 

Her post led to a downward spiral as netizens rebuked her; and despite subsequent apology posts, Christine only seemed to make things worse and she reportedly lost 100,000 followers due to the debacle.

It started on Jan 27 when Christine, 43, went on Facebook to unleash an expletive-filled tirade and called the ban "vulgar" and "hooligan-like behaviour". She also went after Premier Su Tseng-chang for lacking humanity. "I hope what I'm hearing is fake news," she wrote.

PHOTO: Weibo

Her controversial post triggered widespread anger among Taiwanese netizens who slammed her for not caring about the plight of her fellow countrymen. Though Christine consequently removed the post, netizens had already took a screenshot and circulated it.

The next day, Christine apologised on Facebook for her "emotional words", and said she didn't mean to cause any "social disruptions" and she just hoped to have more love and concern. She admitted her mistake and promised to be a "better person".

我為我在臉書上的帶有情緒性的字眼感到非常抱歉⋯ 無意造成社會的紛擾,只是希望我們能多一些愛與關懷! 希望坦然認錯道歉,努力能成為更好的人 對不起!讓大家擔心也給大家添麻煩了。

Posted by 范范 范瑋琪 on Monday, January 27, 2020

She added: "Sorry, I let everyone worry and I caused trouble for everyone."

According to media reports, her apology did little to quell the anger of her followers who continued condemning her. On Jan 30, Christine uploaded a post on Instagram to address the situation and even personally responded to commenters, reported Taiwanese media company udnstars.

Commenters accused her of putting on a show and being partial to China. In a series of replies, Christine said she "didn't know Taiwan was lacking masks", that she "isn't perfect", and apologised once again for her words. But it seems like netizens didn't let up as Christine eventually lashed out in exasperation.


In one reply, she wrote: "Just hate, just hate. Our generation doesn't lack hatred. 'Why don't you die?' 'Your whole family will die. Your children will contract the virus and go to hell.' Is this what you wanted to hear? Will you be happy when my entire family is dead?"

Now, though, the post seems to have been removed and the comments have been disabled for Christine's Instagram account.


When Christine was under attack by netizens, hubby Blackie Chen came to her defence twice. The first time was after she posted her apology and the 42-year-old Taiwanese celebrity wrote on Instagram Story: "Never stop searching for your best self. The willingness to admit a mistake is the highest form of bravery. I love you."

謝謝大家的批評和指教,雖然這個過程不容易⋯ 但還是覺得非常的感恩! 世界其實沒那麼糟⋯善良的人還是多數! 我還是深信正面思考才會有更多正面能量。 聰明是一種天賦,而善良是一種選擇。 謝謝每一個留言的你們! 祝福大家一切都平安健康。

Posted by 黑人 陳建州 on Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Subsequently, he spoke up for her on Wednesday (Jan 29) and wrote on Facebook: "Thank you everyone for your criticism and advice. Though the process is not easy, but I still feel very grateful! The world is not that bad and there are still many kind people around!"