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'His singing is mediocre': Mark Lee and Jack Neo throw shade at celebs in game while in Taiwan promoting Money No Enough 3

'His singing is mediocre': Mark Lee and Jack Neo throw shade at celebs in game while in Taiwan promoting Money No Enough 3
Mark Lee, Jack Neo and Henry Thia threw shade at celebrities and each other while promoting Money No Enough 3 in Taiwan recently.
PHOTO: Screengrab/YouTube/Star ETtoday

Whenever local stars Jack Neo, Mark Lee and Henry Thia get together, you can be sure to hear some witty and bold statements that will leave you cackling.

The trio were in Taiwan recently to promote their movie Money No Enough 3 when they threw shade at celebrities, and each other, while playing a guessing game by Taiwanese publication ETtoday.

In a YouTube video uploaded on May 19, they were required to guess the celebrity or movie written on the headband they wore by asking each other questions.

In the first round, Jack's headband had JJ Lin, while Mark's had Kai Ko and Henry's Andy Lau.

Jack, 64, asked Mark: "Does he act in movies?"

"Nobody wants to watch if he acts in movies," Mark, 55, quipped, as the others chuckled.

"Where is he from?" Jack continued.

"That's crucial. This person may be living in Jurong, or he could be living in Tampines, Orchard, Pasir Ris or Holland Road… That means he's Singaporean!" Mark laughed.

After several questions on the nationality of the celeb and whether the latter is a movie actor, drama series actor or a variety show host, Mark apologised to all Taiwanese artistes and asked boldly: "Did something happen to this person before?"

Holding his smile, Jack replied in the affirmative, and Mark gave his answer: "Kai Ko".

While the staff confirmed he answered correctly, Mark apologised profusely.

Kai shot to fame after playing a charming schoolboy in the Taiwanese movie You Are The Apple Of My Eye (2011), but fell from grace after he was arrested in Beijing with Jackie Chan's son Jaycee for drug-related charges in 2014.

The 32-year-old returned to showbiz in 2019 and was most recently seen in the Taiwanese drama Imperfect Us (2024).

In the second round, Henry had to guess Jacky Wu, while Mark and Jack had to guess Jolin Tsai and Stefanie Sun respectively.

Henry, 72, asked: "Does this person sing or act?"

Mark and Jack replied: "Both", with Mark adding: "His singing is mediocre. His box office record is bad. Nobody wants to watch his movies."

Jack, on the other hand, said: "His acting is atrocious."

Everyone, including the staff behind the camera, sniggered.

"You are getting us into trouble. Sorry, sorry! If you are watching this video, you should know we were set up," Jack said to the camera.

Jack won the second round in the end.

In the final round, they had to guess movies. Written on Jack's headband was The Avengers (2012), while Mark and Henry had Money No Enough 3 and I Not Stupid (2002) respectively.

Jack asked Mark: "Is this my movie?"

"No, you have no capabilities to film such movies. Really, you don't," Mark responded with a straight face as Jack scoffed.

Mark added: "Even if you have the capabilities, you do not have the funds for it."

While Jack guessed that his movie is an American production, he didn't get it correct and Henry won this round.

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