Sonia Sui lets her kids play with food, netizens says it's a waste

PHOTO: Instagram/suitangtang

If you think a few commenters would be enough to make Sonia Sui walk on eggshells, think again.

The Taiwanese model-actress was called out by netizens last Sunday (Feb 9) after she posted pictures of her children playing with food on the last day of Chinese New Year (Feb 8).

Sonia, 39, wrote on Instagram that during this "critical period", it's not advisable to go out to public or crowded areas, so she organised some fun activities that they could do at home.

One photo that caught the eye of netizens was of her two oldest children playing with raw eggs that had been cracked into a plate.

A concerned fan pointed out that the salmonella bacteria in raw eggs is dangerous and asked her to take note.

There was also dissatisfaction among some who disapproved of the food wastage. One netizen wrote that regardless of the value of the item, she should not waste food, and she should have set a better example for her kids.

Sonia took the criticism in stride, though, according to media reports and she even addressed their concerns about the wastage of food.

She replied: "Curiosity is the root of creativity. Through the process of being there with the children when they play with the raw eggs, we not only satisfy their curiosity and strengthen our relationship, they can also learn more about where chickens come from and the physical properties of egg shells.

"I think it's an invaluable experience. Regardless, thank you for your pointers."

Another activity she created for the kids was mock tours of their home.

She even split it into the economy class itinerary and the first-class itinerary. The former encompasses a tour of the living room, kitchen, bedroom, washroom and back to the living room where it goes on a loop. For the latter, it goes from the second floor to the basement, to the front yard and finally to the garden at the back.

This led a commenter to joke that they could only afford the economy class tour in their own home.

PHOTOS: Screengrab from Instagram/suitangtang

Sonia also shared photos of her and the kids with drawings on their faces and diapers over their heads.

This is the second time in a week that Sonia has had netizens reacting to her social media posts. It was reported that last week, she sent netizens into a tizzy when she posted a photo of herself in a bikini by the pool.

Her slim figure left netizens in awe and disbelief that she's already a mother of three.


PHOTO: Screengrab from Instagram/suitangtang