Sonia Sui's husband doesn't do any housework but she doesn't mind

PHOTO: Facebook/隋棠 Sonia Sui

Fans of Taiwanese model-actress Sonia Sui are aware that she openly shares snippets of her family life on social media. The mother of three also often talks about the way she is raising her kids. 

However, her recent Facebook post on Oct 28 received a lot of attention from netizens; and not all for the right reasons.

She shockingly revealed that her husband, businessman Tony Hsieh, does no housework. What surprised people even more was that Sonia admitted to not being bothered by it at all.

But before you jump the gun and judge the couple, there was a minor accident that occurred while the couple was cleaning and this will surely help you understand why she feels this way.

It’s not necessarily bad if her husband does no housework

PHOTO: Facebook/隋棠 Sonia Sui

While her husband does no housework, the 41-year-old celeb mum shared how he takes care of a lot of other “small but important” matters at home. 

When it comes to their three kids — six-year-old Max, four-year-old Lucy, and two-year-old Ollie, Tony would look after them during moments such as brushing their teeth or getting ready for school. 

But when her husband once offered to lend a hand after seeing her do some spring cleaning, he created a slightly bigger mess.

Deciding that he wanted to sweep the area around the TV, Tony set aside the skate scooter next to it. But apparently, the scooter wasn’t placed properly and ended up leaning against the TV screen. This caused a small but irreparable crack and now all they see when they turn the TV on is a black screen.

“I can only treat the TV as though it’s a decoration in my home. I still don’t know what to do with it,” Sonia told 8days.

After the incident, Sonia shared that “sometimes it’s not necessarily a bad thing if your partner doesn’t do housework.”

Netizens sympathise with the actress but also joke about the incident

PHOTO: Facebook/隋棠 Sonia Sui

It’s no surprise that Sonia’s post garnered attention from other fellow parents who related to her story. As of the publication of this article, her Facebook post about her husband’s little accident has already garnered over 73k reactions and 133 shares.

Under her post, netizens left comments sympathising with her.

Some said things like “when guys help out, it creates more work.” Others also left comments like “not helping is the best kind of help.” 

Yet other fans of the celebrity mum also humorously said that it was smart of her husband to “sacrifice a TV in exchange for not doing housework.” They also joked that Sonia should consider getting a projector instead so that he would have to “fix the wall” if it happens again. 

This article was first published in theAsianparent.