Starlet claims Show Lo cheated with her

PHOTO: Instagram/Cherry Yu and Weibo/Show Lo

As recently as last year, there was talk of Show Lo tying the knot with girlfriend Grace Chow.

That picture of bliss is now perhaps disrupted by claims from a Taiwanese starlet that he had an affair with her in 2016.

Several media reported today (June 20) screenshots of Cherry Yu's text messages with a friend, in which she said she dated a "pop king" for six months.

The 25-year-old added that she did not know she was the third party in the beginning.

One of the screenshots where Cherry allegedly said she was hoping for an expensive Christmas gift from Show. PHOTO: Mirror Media

Show, an all-round Taiwanese entertainer, announced his relationship with Chinese blogger Grace in 2015.

According to Cherry's representatives, Show, 39, then told her that his romance with Grace, 30, was fading, leading her to believe their love was real.

Later, in an attempt to make the affair public, Cherry tipped off paparazzi to an alleged Christmas rendezvous.

She told them, "(Show) would always check that there were no cars around before letting me alight… See if you can park opposite."

Mirror Media confirmed the address she provided is Show's.

Show's representatives have responded too, without denying or confirming the allegations. They said the two are acquainted, but have not been in contact for years.

The latest reports seem to point to remarks Cherry had made in 2017.

On the web series N Generations, she had spoken of an ex-boyfriend who had another girlfriend and how she was heartbroken that she was the third party.

"I only felt stupid. I kept believing his lies. Eventually, I saw that he openly acknowledged her. I can only then wish him happiness," she had said.

Many netizens however are suspicious the latest news is a publicity stunt.

Cherry has been snapped several times by paparazzi with male stars, including former Fahrenheit idol Calvin Chen and hip-hop executive Jeffrey Huang.

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