Steven Spielberg directs his first music video for Mumford and Sons' frontman Marcus Mumford

Director Steven Spielberg.
PHOTO: Reuters

Steven Spielberg has directed his first music video for Marcus Mumford's first solo music video.

The iconic filmmaker - known for his legendary big-screen career working on the likes of E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial and Schindler's List as well as the Jurassic Park and Indiana Jones franchises - has now moved into the world of music.

The 75-year-old director was at the helm of the video for the Mumford and Sons frontman's new single Cannibal.

Taking to Twitter, Marcus revealed Steven created the piece "in one shot" using his phone, while the filmmaker's wife Kate Capshaw was also on set.

He wrote: "On Sunday July 3 in a high school gym in New York, Steven Spielberg directed his first music video, in one shot, on his phone. Kate Capshaw was the almighty dolly grip.

"I've been overwhelmed by the support of the people around me to bring this music to you, and I cannot hope to express all of my gratitude.

"When people get it, it blows my mind. Kate and Steven just got it, and I cannot thank them enough."

Marcus also thanked producer and behind-the-scenes videographer Kristie Macosko Krieger for her help on the project.

Cannibal will appear on Marcus' self-titled debut solo album, which is set to be released on Sept 16.

In a handwritten statement provided by Island Records announcing the single and LP last week, he said: "In Jan 2021, facing demons I danced with for a long time in isolation, I wrote a song called Cannibal.

"I took it to my friend Blake Mills, and we began the process of making this album, dear to my heart, called (Self-Titled).

"It comes out Sept 16, 2022, produced by Blake Mills, and featuring Brandi Carlile, Phoebe Bridgers, Clairo and Monica Martin."