Still a goddess? Retired Taiwanese actress Joey Wong removes mask to pray, goes viral

PHOTO: Weibo

The gorgeous Joey Wong has left such an impact on Asian viewers that nearly two decades after her showbiz retirement, people are still delighted to see her.

The 55-year-old former actress, best known for her ethereal performance in the 1987 movie A Chinese Ghost Story, recently went viral when photos of her praying at LingYen Mountain Temple Canada were uploaded to the internet.

In the Aug 13 event, Joey was draped in black and brown robes and did not appear to be wearing make-up. Some photos showed her with a face mask and one showed her without.

Despite being away from the limelight for so long, she couldn't avoid the predicament of people scrutinising her looks.

While some Weibo users showed their admiration, some thought she had gone under the knife.

"Our goddess has aged and her looks aren't like before but her charisma is still strong!" one user said.

Another wondered: "Did she have plastic surgery? Her facial muscles look weird."

Others simply wished her well: "I hope she finds her inner peace and happiness."