Taiwanese singer R.chord Hsieh arrested after wife reports him for drug use

Taiwanese singer R.chord Hsieh arrested after wife reports him for drug use

They're such a loving couple in public, fans probably didn't see it coming. R.chord Hsieh's wife reported him to the police for drug use on Dec 5.

Police arrested the 32-year-old Taiwanese singer-songwriter, also known as Hsieh He-hsian, at their home in New Taipei City and seized over 10g of marijuana.

He even broadcasted his arrest in a series of IG stories.

According to Taiwanese media, the couple had gotten into a heated argument that night because the singer's wife Keanna Taiyh was upset about his drug use.

She then called the cops on him.

He was soon taken to a local police station where reporters were waiting for him. While entering the station, the singer was seen shrugging off his sweatshirt to conceal his handcuffs.

When reporters asked him if he had anything to say about his arrest, R.chord made a 'heart' gesture with his fingers, and said that he supported the legalisation of marijuana.

His calm demeanour was a stark contrast to Keanna who was sobbing in the police station.

The police said that R.chord admitted to marijuana use since October. That same month, he had terminated his contract with Warner Music, saying, "I want to follow my heart."

Following reports of his arrest, some netizens have called the singer unrepentant.


In 2012, he outed himself as a marijuana user, surrendered himself to the police and revealed that his 2011 album Growing Up was the product of his drug use.

He was also known for his controversial comments and actions, such as destroying his expensive clothing in response to comments that the Taiwanese are poor, and posting photos of himself holding the Chinese and Taiwanese flags alongside a pair of scissors.

However, he appeared to be working on cleaning up his act after marrying Keanna in 2016.

On social media, the couple showed off public displays of affection, and she even made an appearance in his music video Thanks For Your Love.


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