Take a look in the original Top Gun house

The Top Gun house, which is a tourist attraction for fans of the movie.
PHOTO: Screengrab/Reuters

In Oceanside, California, a tiny pastel blue bungalow is nestled between lofty hotels and apartment blocks. It is the Top Gun house.

The house was owned by Maverick's love interest, Charlie, in the 1986 original film. Now restored and moved a block down from its original location, it has been opened to the public.

"You get to relive that magical, quintessential southern California moment, where Tom Cruise is coming up the coast in his Kawasaki 900... There's a replica right outside the house that you can jump on and really relive that moment of the coastal breezes going through your hair, which is a lot of fun," said Ben Fairchild of the Mission Pacific Hotel and Seabird Resort, where the structure is now located.

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