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'They pulled my hair and grabbed my phone': Fan at JJ Lin's Hong Kong concert threatened after telling others not to stand on chairs

'They pulled my hair and grabbed my phone': Fan at JJ Lin's Hong Kong concert threatened after telling others not to stand on chairs
JJ Lin's concert in Hong Kong hasn't been smooth sailing.
PHOTO: Instagram/JJ Lin, Screengrab/Weibo

Is getting a glimpse of JJ Lin worth behaving like louts and getting into trouble with the authorities?

Fans at one of the singer's concerts in Hong Kong shared on Weibo how they had an unpleasant encounter last Friday (March 17), when two women stood on chairs and waved their fan signboards in the air during the performance, Hong Kong media reported.

While cheering is expected at a concert, by standing on their chairs these two women obstructed the view of the stage for those behind them.

A user on Weibo exasperatedly wrote: "What kind of situation is this? I shouted at them to get down from there (they were standing on their seats the whole time) and they wanted to group up and beat me so that I wouldn't be able to leave the premises.

"They pulled my hair and grabbed my phone, forcing me to delete the footage of them."

One of them even cursed and swore at the 41-year-old Singaporean singer on stage to spite the user.

"Pretty lady, no matter how amazing you are, don't be a weirdo towards JJ Lin on stage, even cursing him to die just to anger me. It won't work, all that does is demean yourself."

The user also expressed interest in taking this to the police, requesting other netizens on Weibo to share recorded footage of how the women attacked them.

They revealed that they already had one angle of the incident recorded, but would like more.

Miscommunication with Mirror

While a storm was brewing within the audience on Friday, another dust cloud was stirring up at the concert on Sunday.


JJ had been bringing in guest performers for his performances every day, and it was believed that the guest performer on Sunday would be Mirror's Ian Chan.

Mirror is a Hong Kong Cantopop boy band that consists of 12 members, including Ian.

Yet on the day itself, JJ was the only singer on stage from start to finish, and Ian reportedly immediately unfollowed JJ on Instagram afterwards, according to Hong Kong media.

The dominant theory is that JJ had expected all members of Mirror to be invited as guest performers and it was only later discovered that the plans only included the 29-year-old Ian.

The producer behind the JJ20 World Tour Concert in Hong Kong also addressed the media regarding this incident: "As the producer… I am also the bridge between JJ Lin and Mirror's performance arrangements. 

"Due to misunderstandings on both sides, a rift formed that manifested in the performance. Ultimately, under the unanimous decision by both parties, the guest session was cancelled. I offer my sincerest apologies."

Mirror management also stated: "JJ Lin's concert producers have apologised to us for the mistakes in communication and arrangements. 

"The Mirror team wishes JJ Lin's remaining solo concerts in Hong Kong to continue to flourish, and looks forward to opportunities to work with JJ Lin in the future and collaborate in many ways."

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