Thirstdays episode 4: Where we drink beer and spill secrets

In a first for Thirstdays, we're finally getting some alcohol up in here!

We're finally in the big leagues now (yas!) and we're celebrating by playing a game of beer pong while spilling all our dirty secrets. Yep, we're going to up the ante of the game by playing a round of Never Have I Ever.

And the loser has to...

If you think the producers will go easy on us, you've got another thing coming because s*** is going down in our studio.

Who has sent naughty pictures to their partners? Who has forged their parent's signature? Who has faked an MC?

Well, you'll just have to catch this week's episode to find out.

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Thirstdays is a fortnightly AsiaOne entertainment series where our hosts Le En and Bryan give you a peek into their personal lives while they satisfy their thirst over a drink, have a no-holds-barred chat, and do fun things.

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