'A to-do before I die': Influencer sings with Girls' Generation's Tiffany Young in Singapore, clears item off bucket list

'A to-do before I die': Influencer sings with Girls' Generation's Tiffany Young in Singapore, clears item off bucket list
(Left) Tiffany Young; (right) Charis Ow and Sachie Amira met Tiffany Young and sang the chorus of a Girls' Generation song to her.
PHOTO: Instagram/Tiffany Young, Instagram/Charis Ow

If you had a chance to sing in front of Girls' Generation's Tiffany Young, would you take the plunge?

For Malaysian influencer Charis Ow, she leapt at the opportunity to do so, from a video uploaded to her Instagram page today (Aug 25).

"A photo with Tiffany? How about singing with Tiffany!" Charis wrote in her post. "She even said we sounded beautiful on the way out!"


Tiffany, 33, is one of the eight members of Girls' Generation, aka SNSD, a popular K-pop girl group who made their debut in 2007 and recently came back from a five-year hiatus.

She arrived in Singapore on Aug 23 for a guest appearance in Lancome's beauty technology flagship store launch yesterday evening outside Mandarin Gallery.

The K-pop singer answered questions from the media and posed for pictures at the event, interacting with fans who had formed large crowds on the pathway.

Charis, proclaiming herself a fan of Girls' Generation, managed to meet Tiffany in a more quiet setting.

There, she handed Tiffany an album — which appears to be Tiffany's solo album I Just Wanna Dance — to be signed.


Charis and her friend Sachie Amira then said that they had "practiced this" before bursting into the chorus of Girls' Generation's Into The New World.

Tiffany seemed surprised at first, but started bobbing her head to the melody. As Charis and Sachie closed up the song, they turned to their cameras and took a selfie with Tiffany.

At that moment, Tiffany sang the last part of the lyrics with them, which was "Annyeong", Korean for 'Hello'.

Said Charis: "I really don't have the words to describe the feeling of finally meeting your idol face-to-face, talking to them and interacting with them. It's definitely a tick in my 'to-do before I die' list!"

"She has been my absolute bias (favourite) since day one of me stanning (supporting Girls' Generation) and will always be!"

Charis also admitted that she was afraid of meeting Tiffany initially but was relieved and delighted that she was just as "bubbly, bright, friendly, kind and cheerful" in reality as she was on camera.

Sachie also chimed in: "Being a fan of hers for 15 years… this was surreal. I was shaking and panicking but also trying to be present to remember every moment.


"Tiffany listened and conversed however much she could in that very short time — she's a sweetheart y'all! Her personality and music saved me from so many dark and low moments, so I'm beyond happy that I get to experience this."

Tiffany is known for her willingness to chat with her fans and general friendliness towards them.

During the event, when told that there were fans waiting to see her behind the stage, she cheekily peeked out from the side to wave to them.

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In an interview with 8World, Tiffany also said: "It was wild tonight… It was just so nice to see the fans for a brief moment and I hope to come back more, and hopefully come back with a show!"

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