Too hot to handle? Twice, Seventeen almost set on fire by BTS at Seoul Music Awards

The awards season is, without doubt, the busiest period of time for the K-pop stars, with many awards shows being held left and right.

And K-pop sensation BTS literally blazed its way on stage at the 28th Seoul Music Awards on Tuesday (Jan 15).

As the opening notes to the boy band's 'Fake Love' played at the Gocheok Sky Dome, fireworks were fired along the stage aisle.

This, however, proved too hot for the other artistes to handle as they were almost burnt by it.

In a video clip taken by an audience member, numerous K-pop stars are first seen sitting at tables located next to the stage.

It seems that they might have been seated too near to the stage for their comfort as they were startled by the fireworks that were fired when BTS took to the stage.

According to media reports, members from K-pop groups Twice and Seventeen had to cover their heads and move away from their seats.

When the video footage was posted online, many fans expressed worry for their idols' safety, and commented that "the fireworks were dangerous".

Photo: Youtube/TheGsd

Thankfully, nobody was injured in the incident and hopefully, this will not happen again.

Meanwhile, BTS walked away with three trophies from the award ceremony: Daesang (grand prize), Bonsang (main prize) and the Best Album award for 'Love Yourself: Tear'.