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Travel plans cancelled, Thomas Ong sells durians and healthy food

Travel plans cancelled, Thomas Ong sells durians and healthy food
PHOTO: Instagram/thomasong17

Don't be surprised if you see Thomas Ong's handsome mug endorsing durians or even delivering them.

The actor recently revealed to 8world that he's pursuing his own businesses now that his backpacking travel plans have been put on hold due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The 51-year-old told reporters at the virtual press conference for his upcoming Channel 8 drama SuperDad that he has been cooped up at home for the past few months.

He coincidentally made the acquaintance of a durian vendor and is working with him to develop several durian-flavoured food products to be sold locally.

The duo also intend to sell durian mooncakes during the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival.

Thomas said: "My job is to taste the food, help push sales as an ambassador, and occasionally help with the delivery."

As for the income, Thomas didn't want to discuss it. He waved it off and reiterated that the reason he decided to do a joint business venture is because he's stuck in Singapore and bored, so he wants to try and learn new things.

Additionally, he's also going into the food business with a chef and they're working on a menu for delicious, convenient, and healthier food. He hopes to start taking online orders in September.

Thomas explained: "When it comes to food nowadays, people either want convenience or healthy options. So we're constantly researching on our menu and [figuring out], for example, how to make pork rib soup delicious without adding salt or other seasonings."


Though he has big plans for his entrepreneurial pursuits, Thomas has set a deadline for both of them. He intends to manage the businesses till January 2021 and then he hopes to jet off and continue his travels around the world.

He had earlier said SuperDad will be his swan song.

His co-star Chen Hanwei thinks otherwise, though. He told 8world: "I've spoken about this with Thomas and told him not to give up acting because he's young. No matter how much you travel, one day you'll have to face reality and plan your life.

"But he's always been a go-with-the-flow kind of guy. I am sure, though, that this won't be his last production. He's addicted to acting and he'll be back again."

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