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TVB singer Vivian Koo almost injected with empty syringe during Covid-19 vaccination, says she's lucky to be alive

TVB singer Vivian Koo almost injected with empty syringe during Covid-19 vaccination, says she's lucky to be alive
PHOTO: Instagram/ viviankoomei

While some of us suffer minor discomfort after receiving our Covid-19 vaccine, what Hong Kong TVB singer Vivian Koo experienced is something she likely won't forget soon.

In an Instagram post uploaded on Tuesday (July 13), the 31-year-old wrote: "After what happened (on Monday), being alive is my greatest fortune."

On Monday afternoon, Vivian had gone to Hong Kong's Ma On Shan Family Medicine Centre for her Sinovac jab. After a series of administrative questions, the nurse proceeded to insert the needle into her right arm.

"All of a sudden, I felt extreme pain so I turned to look at my arm. At this point, the nurse and I both realised there wasn't any liquid in the syringe. I was furious and asked her how she could give me the injection where there was no vaccine," Vivian recalled in a detailed Instagram post uploaded on Thursday.

"And when I was still at a loss at what was happening, the nurse injected a syringe with the vaccine into the exact same spot on my arm."

Vivian said she was told everything was okay, and was ushered out of the room. She tried to speak with the nurse again but was ignored. It was after she made a loud fuss that the head nurse appeared.

In the ensuing discussion, she suffered giddiness, nausea, and headaches, and was sent to a hospital in an ambulance.

Vivian took ECG, X-ray, and CT scans, and made a police report.


The side effects continued till Tuesday. She was weak, perspiring a lot, and her right arm and right leg were also numb.

She was still hospitalised as of Wednesday afternoon.

"Media articles said someone conveyed their apologies to me, but no one has done so and I haven't received any phone call," Vivian added.

In an article by The Standard, government advisor Leung Chi Chiu said it is not a big problem if air is injected into muscles. However, if air is injected into blood vessels, the air bubble will flow through the veins and may block the vessel. Lung tissues may also be damaged if the air bubble enters the lungs.

Without revealing the identity of the patient, the Prince of Wales Hospital told Hong Kong media on Tuesday that the nurse had poked the needle into the patient's arm muscle but pulled it out before pushing the plunger.

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