Twin girls for Lynn Hung and hubby Ken Kwok

Lynn Hung is now mum to not one, but two baby girls.

She delivered twins via Caesarean section in a Hong Kong hospital this week, according to Chinese media reports.

Shortly after the birth, the 37-year-old model-actress shared her family portraits on Weibo on Wednesday (April 25) afternoon, where she and her hubby Ken Kwok were seen cradling their newborn daughters.

"We finally got to meet you," she wrote in the post.

The couple's twins, each weighing 2.3kg, were said to be conceived through in-vitro fertilisation.

According to Apple Daily Hong Kong, the first-time dad was nervous about the babies' arrival and did not dare to carry the newborns until his wife reassured him.

Last month, Hung shared photos on Weibo and wrote that she will miss the intimacy she shared with her children during pregnancy.

She also praised her husband for being "accommodating and caring" which assured her that their little family will "be blissful and happy."

The couple married in a low-key ceremony in October 2016.