Uncle Roger reviews 'dirty' dating gameshow Love Island: 'You're trying to find boyfriend, not customer'

PHOTO: Screengrab from YouTube/mrnigelng

How many cooking videos can you review before becoming stale? Not many, we realised.

But lucky for us, it looks like Uncle Roger has found himself something else to critique besides fried rice and other culinary abominations: trashy Western dating shows.

In his latest video uploaded a few days ago, Uncle Roger — the wise-cracking and critical persona of Malaysian comedian Nigel Ng — sat down to watch the first episode of the British programme Love Island, which throws a few young single men and women into a villa isolated from the outside world. They have to couple up to find love and win the prize money of 50,000 pounds (S$93,000).

His cyanide-laced barbs came fast and lethal, calling the show "so dirty" for its scantily clad female participants and sexual overtones, and snubbing the girls for their plastic surgery.

When the female participants arrived at the villa wearing teeny bikini tops that revealed a generous show of cleavage, he said goggled-eyed: "You're trying to find boyfriend, not customer."


During her self-introduction, a girl said she doesn't know what she brings to the table, but hey, she's "great in bed"!

To which Uncle Roger replied: "Being great in bed is not bad. But what about the other 23 hours and 58 minutes of the day?"

PHOTO: Screengrab from YouTube/mrnigelng

On the amount of plastic in the show, he quipped: "Niece Faye boob looks so fake, she make the grass look real."

And we also learned that he appreciates intelligence.

When two girls had problems opening a bottle of champagne and said they "need a man" for the task, Uncle Roger gave them a good ribbing.

"You don't need man, you need common sense. Champagne bottle also cannot open. These people must not have anything worth celebrating in their life before."

PHOTO: Screengrab from YouTube/mrnigelng

Of course the guys aren't spared as well.

A strapping male participant made his appearance in a tight shirt and Uncle Roger groaned: "Haiyah, don't wear shirt from primary school. If you can't afford a new shirt, how can you afford a woman? His jeans so tight also, it look like leggings. Don't shrink-wrap your balls, haiyah. Ball is like wine, they need to breathe."

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