Viral BTS arm tattoo belongs to a Singaporean student

PHOTO: Instagram/ b0xfreshbeauties

You might have seen an arm tattoo making its rounds online. 

After all, the tattoo is:

1. a piece of art and,

2. features BTS maknae Jeon Jungkook.

And, as we all know, anything BTS-related that blips on the ARMY's (BTS official fandom) radar tends to become social media gold. 

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An incredibly realistic tattoo of BTS' Jungkook is going viral on Instagram

While the beauty and intricacy of the tattoo itself left us in awe, we made a second discovery that the owner of said arm is a Singaporean. 

Meet 18-year-old Michelle Tan, a student whose arm shot to fame overnight for paying homage to her favourite boyband.

Inked on Sunday (Jan 6) on a trip to South Korea, the artwork set her back by 400,000 won (S$484). 

A photo of the tattoo while it was healing. Photo: Michelle Tan

The tattoo was inspired by the BTS music video titled  "

"}" href="
" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank">Euphoria: Theme of Love Yourself 起 Wonder
", where a yellow jacket-clad Jungkook stands on the back of a pickup truck with his arms spread wide open. 

When asked what made her choose that scene in particular, Michelle told us she knew of the tattoo studio beforehand and wanted a photo/art-styled tattoo.

However, she had "no emotional attachment" to art pieces done previously by Seoul-based tattoo artist Saegeem, to whom she was introduced by a friend. 

Michelle then came across a photo of the scene now inked into her bicep and liked the "vintagey effect" it had. 

The inspiration behind the tattoo. Photo: Instagram/ Saegeem

When questioned whether she was considering getting more tattoos done, Michelle gave an affirmative reply. 

Will they be BTS-inspired? 

"Not sure yet. If I come across something nice and ambiguous then maybe," she said. 

We hope the boys manage to see her epic tattoo!