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Vivian Hsu talks life and death with 6-year-old son after he asks if they can live till 100 together

Vivian Hsu talks life and death with 6-year-old son after he asks if they can live till 100 together
PHOTO: Instagram/vivianhsu.ironv

There are many difficult topics to discuss with kids as they are often too young to understand the depth and nuances of it.

One of them is about life and death, and even as adults, many of us still aren't able to emotionally deal with it though we can logically accept its inevitability.

Surprisingly, Taiwanese singer-host Vivian Hsu found herself discussing this morbid topic with her six-year-old son after he asked if they could "die together" after living till 100.


In an Instagram post on June 20, Vivian, 46, shared the conversation she had with her son Dalton — whom she has with Singaporean businessman Sean Lee.

Vivian had just put Dalton to bed and turned off the lights when he suddenly hugged her very tightly like a "koala bear". He told her that he "really loves her" and asked if she was able to live longer and when she would die.

She replied: "Mummy exercises every day and is healthy. I can probably live till 100."

Dalton then asked when he would die and Vivian told him that she takes care of him and feeds him well, so he'll probably live till 100 as well.

The boy then said: "Mummy, didn't you say we're 40 years apart? I really love you. Can you wait till I reach 100 years old and we can die together?"


Vivian also shared that Dalton started hugging her tighter and crying. In the end, she promised that she would wait for him.

However, in the post, she also apologised to Dalton for making a promise that she can't keep. Vivian wrote that the oldest living person on record is 122 years old and it would be impossible for her to live till 140.

She said: "I'm sorry Dalton. I didn't mean to lie to you. I just didn't want you to be sad before sleeping. You'll understand as you get older."

Vivian also said that she suffered severe stomach pains that almost had her "rolling on the floor" prior to the conversation with Dalton and ended the post with a reminder to investigate the source of the pain.

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