What Fann Wong, Rui En and other local celebs did for Christmas 2021

PHOTO: Instagram/ Rui En, Instagram/Fann Wong

Christmas as we know it, is the best time to express our gratitude for our family, friends, colleagues and everybody around us. And there are many ways of showing our love for one another, whether it's through gift exchanges or a good feast.

For our local celebrities, this festive season is more than simply sequins and sparkles. It's also about gathering with loved ones, welcoming new family members, becoming "pawrents" and giving back to society.

Keep scrolling to find out what some of them, including Fann Wong, Rui En and Cheryl Wee were up to on Christmas day.

Fann Wong

Since Christopher Lee's currently busy filming in Taiwan (he'll be away for nine months!), Fann Wong had the opportunity to spend some quality bonding time with their son, Zed Lee. The mother and son shared Christmas cake and smooches — how sweet!

Rui En

Together with Beyond Social Services, Rui En and her fan club RBKD transformed into Secret Santas, hand-packing and distributing care packages to 400 beneficiaries. We're pretty sure the kids who received their gifts could felt Rui En and her fans' big love!

Elvin Ng

To celebrate Christmas and his birthday (Dec 23), Elvin changed into his singlet and shorts, heading outdoors to enjoy a splashing time in the sun. Judging from his smile, he's definitely enjoying his #metime.

Chantalle Ng

Sporting a fresh hairdo, Chantalle uploaded a video of herself singing Christmas Time Is Here to celebrate the festive season. Her mum Lin Meijiao commented on the Instagram post saying, "Please sing more, love to hear you sing." We can't agree more.

Constance Lau

With a remote controller on one hand and a Dyson hairdryer on the other, Constance let us in on an undiscovered talent of hers — lipsyncing.

The local actress put up quite a humorous and dramatic reel of herself singing to Celine Dion's It's All Coming Back To Me Now, complete with a wind-in-the-hair moment that's sure to make her followers laugh.

Tabitha Nauser

Anyone with pets will know how tough it is to get our favourite pooches to pose in front of the cameras. That's why we're so impressed by Tabitha's family portrait above, featuring her boyfriend Louie and their furkids — three of which are new additions to her family. What an amazing shot!

Cheryl Wee

Cheryl and her family spent an eventful and fun-filled Christmas together, hopping on and off buses to marvel at the Christmas decorations on the streets, Christmas Wonderland and the Universal Studios Singapore.

This year, it's even more special because they've welcomed their new family member Elly. Check out their lovely smiles and cute, matching PJs!

Azura Goh

Ria 89.7 radio DJ Azura uploaded a video medley of famous Christmas jingles on her Instagram, and it featured her singing alongside friends and fellow DJs Hazelle Teo and Germaine Tan.

Soothing vocals aside, the footages of the trio travelling reminded us of the good old days of travelling with our friends.

Charlotte Mei

This Christmas, Charlotte welcomed a new addition to her family. No, we're not talking about babies; it's Loki, Charlotte's adorable feline friend.

Chen Yixin

Looking sweet and lovey-dovey, Yixin and her beau Gavin Chong wore matching Christmas tees and spent some time cuddling with Yixin's feline friends Miwa and Mugi.

This article was first published in Her World Online.