'When women have money, they become arrogant': Malaysian actor Rosyam Nor slammed for 'misogynistic' remarks on podcast

'When women have money, they become arrogant': Malaysian actor Rosyam Nor slammed for 'misogynistic' remarks on podcast
Malaysian actor Rosyam Nor feels women should stay at home.
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"Should women stay at home or work?"

This is the title of an episode from the Black and White of Life podcast where veteran Malaysian actor Rosyam Nor made controversial remarks that upset netizens.

In the 26-minute episode published in August, Rosyam had a heated discussion with Malaysian businesswoman Seri Adzliana, the CEO of an e-commerce company named Usanita.

"Shouldn't women stay at home?" remarked Rosyam.

Seri clipped: "That was during the old times."

Rosyam however didn't back down: "Why would that be the case only for old times? Does this mean that women of this generation are rude and disobey their husbands?"

According to him, it is a "loss" for women to work as they would need to fork out money for food, clothes, makeup and parking.

"What's the problem if that's her money?" questioned Seri.

"They wouldn't need to do so if they stayed at home," he insisted.


After a lot of back-and-forth, Rosyam reinforced his stance on wanting his wife to stay at home.

When asked why, he claimed: "When women are successful and have a lot of money, they start to show off".

"They start to raise their voices… Most of them when they have money, they become arrogant."

He continued to say that women who work nowadays don't save their money and most of them end up purchasing material goods like handbags and clothes.

Seri however retorted that "there are men like that too".

The podcast was recently shared on TikTok and Twitter, where it went viral and sparked discussions among netizens.

"My jaw is on the floor seeing the date stamped 2023," remarked one netizen.

Another ranted: "Insecure men will always be insecure. If a man has that much money and a high position, you would call him ambitious and innovative but when it's a woman, you call her bossy."

Others remarked that his comments were "misogynistic", with one even saying that he exuded "small d**k energy".

One also pulled up a study done showing that women who earn more than their male partners have a higher risk of experiencing domestic violence.


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