Which celebs have life-sized Iron Man statue at home, home gym, post-card views from the living room?

Michelle Chong (left) has a gorgeous view from her home while Vincent Ng has a life-sized Iron Man suit.
PHOTO: Instagram/immichellechong, Instagram/vincentwqh

Who cares about raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens?

Give us a life-sized Iron Man or even a home gym, because those are a few of our favourite things ever since celebrities like Michelle Chong, Sharon Au, Vincent Ng, and S.H.E's Ella Chen gave us plebeians a sneak peek into their home through social media.

Ever wondered what the life of the rich and famous looks like?


Nothing much, it's just a life-sized Iron Man suit hanging out at the corner. Local actor and wushu champion Vincent Ng shared this photo of an Iron Man suit back in 2016. While he may have moved since then, he packed the suit to go because it even got its own introduction in this Home and Decor video.

And if you're wondering, he confirmed that you can actually wear the suit.

When Taiwanese actress Vivian Hsu uploaded this photo of son Dalton, did she think he would be up-staged by a life-sized Iron Man statue in the background? Netizens couldn't help but notice the awe-inspiring toy instead and were not ashamed to admit it.

Before you just dismiss these items though, a quick check on Google revealed that these statues can set you back anywhere from a few thousand dollars to USD$11,000 (S$15,411).

Guess it's time to starve for six months.


An apartment that offers a bird's eye view is usually more sought-after and pricier than other apartments. But if you need more reasons why you should fork out the extra dough, perhaps Michelle Chong's panoramic view of the Singapore Flyer and Singapore's Central Business District might convince you why. In a video on her Instagram account, the local actress-director showed off the view from her apartment and it puts a lot of us into different shades of envy.

Meanwhile, BFF Sharon Au's apartment in Paris offers her a mostly unobstructed view of the Eiffel Tower and it's a sight to die for. In an Instagram post two weeks ago, she uploaded a video that shows off the night view of this iconic landmark, captioning it: "That's life. Dinner for one."

When you have a view of the Eiffel Tower for company, we think it's the best romantic companion you can ask for.


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Posted by 陳嘉樺 Ella on Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Many of us feel guilty when we're too tired to drag our butts to the gym after a hard day's work, but Taiwanese actress-singer Ella Chen doesn't need to worry about that because she's got a gym installed in what seems to be her house.

In a video uploaded on Facebook last month, Ella shows off her workout routine and it seems to be as well-equipped as a public gym. While it's unclear whether this is actually her house, we did spy some cars in the background of the video so it looks like the gym is built next to a garage, which is quite uncharacteristic of a commercial-slash-public gym. And check out the red kiddie convertible; we don't think it's public gym equipment.