'While entertaining you, I found greater joy myself': Qi Yuwu gets nostalgic celebrating 91-year-old fan's birthday

'While entertaining you, I found greater joy myself': Qi Yuwu gets nostalgic celebrating 91-year-old fan's birthday
Qi Yuwu attended a fan's birthday party on Saturday (Jan 14) — the fan is 91 years old.
PHOTO: Instagram/Qi Yuwu

She may be many, many years his senior, but there's no stopping this 91-year-old from stanning Qi Yuwu.

In an Instagram post uploaded on Tuesday (Jan 17), Yuwu shared that he attended this fan's birthday party three days prior and reminisced the time spent with her through the years.

"The elderly woman beside me is 91 this year and also my oldest fan," the 46-year-old actor said, referring to the image in his post. "I used to see her around a lot."

He revealed that she is a retired English teacher who would be sure to support him at every opportunity in the past.

"She would be with a group of young schoolgirls at countless promotional events for movies, television drama series and also the Star Awards. It always felt very different."

In the image he posted, standing around Yuwu and the woman are many others, all of whom young adults with some cradling children in their arms.


And seeing these familiar faces immediately brought back memories from the past.

"They used to hold up a sign with my name on it and shout my name with all their might — I still remember all this clearly. Back then, they even gave me many handmade journals containing newspaper cutouts of my articles," Yuwu recalled.


He added: "These young friends from before have — one by one — gotten married, had children and made headway in their own fields of work. I'm very touched and happy for them."

Yuwu, who has been in the entertainment industry for well over two decades, also explained why experiences like these are one reason he has remained an actor.

"This job lets me experience many special feelings and relationships. I feel I'm very fortunate," he said.

Quoting Deanie Ip's If I Didn't Have You, Yuwu also said: "It's just like the lyrics of a song, 'While entertaining you, I instead found greater joy myself'. I've found joy in my work and also earned praise and encouragement from fans. I'm so grateful!"

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