Who's going to play the lead in Marvel's first Asian superhero film?

PHOTO: Marvel, AMC, Lianhe Zaobao

Another Marvel hero's joining his comrades on the big screen.

This time around, it's the ethnic-Chinese Shang-chi, also known as the master of kung fu.

The protagonist of a comic series created in the 1970s was modelled after martial-arts legend Bruce Lee, of course.

The son of an international crime lord, Shang-chi is trained in many forms of martial arts, unknowingly being groomed by his father to become an assassin.

When he learnt of his father's deception, he declared himself his father's mortal enemy and devotes his life to overthrowing his criminal empire.

Unlike other superheroes, Shang-chi does not possess superpowers. Instead, he subdues his enemies with kung fu.

Riding on the success of Black Panther, the latest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe is said to be produced by an Asian director, crew and cast.

With the movie reported to be in development, just who will be bringing Shang-chi to life? 

Netizens have been quick to come up with a few possible candidates.

There are Hong Kong-based actor Daniel Wu and Taiwanese actor Eddie Peng, who are fluent in English and have a number of martial-arts flicks under their belts such as Into the Badlands and Rise of the Legend.

Other actors that made the fans' list include Chinese action stars Wu Jing and Zhang Jin.

No matter who plays the lead, you better be prepared to get swept away by another wave of Asian pride.